The Advanced Diagnostics and Combustion Laboratory (ADCL) is developing an experimental research program focusing on thermo-fluid and reacting flow research at MSU.  The ADCL will focus on fundamental and applied topics regarding both combustion in gas turbine and automotive engine relevant flows.


TURBULENT combustion fundamentals

Interacting flames in devices with multiple flame-holders 

- Canonical jet flames and turbulence-chemistry interactions 

- Fuel composition effects on turbulent flames at high Re numbers


COMBUSTION dynamics and transients


Liquid-fueled spray combustors and fuel flexibility

- Thermo-acoustic oscillations due to coupling of pressure, velocity fields, and heat release


Turbulent jet ignition devices

Blowoff and Ignition of spray flames


Laser Diagnostics

- Development of laser diagnostics for IC engine investigations at elevated pressures and temperatures

- UV-fuel fluorescence measurements for fuel localization in gas turbine and IC devices