Combustion Science, Fluid Dynamics, and Engineering

Below is information about the classes I teach, instructional materials, and articles/videos relating to combustion and fluid studies that I think are interesting. 


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ME 440 - Aerospace Propulsion

Fundamentals of thrust and propulsion systems, including gas turbines, ramjets, rockets and electric devices. Compressible flow through nozzles and shocks. Cycle analysis of air breathing jet propulsion and chemical rocket propulsion. Performance and design of propulsion components.

How does a jet engine work?




Me 441 - aerodynamics and aircraft performance

Solutions to inviscid and viscous fluid dynamical equations. Aerodynamics of airfoils, wing and fuselage. Aircraft performance parameters and basics of flight, including cruise, turning, takeoff and landing. Introduction to stability, including control surfaces, longitudinal and lateral stability and power effects.

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